Exporting files from SCM

Multiple places in Pungi can use files from external storage. The configuration is similar independently of the backend that is used, although some features may be different.

The so-called scm_dict is always put into configuration as a dictionary, which can contain following keys.

  • scm – indicates which SCM system is used. This is always required. Allowed values are:

    • file – copies files from local filesystem

    • git – copies files from a Git repository

    • cvs – copies files from a CVS repository

    • rpm – copies files from a package in the compose

    • koji – downloads archives from a given build in Koji build system

  • repo

    • for Git and CVS backends this should be URL to the repository

    • for RPM backend this should be a shell style glob matching package names (or a list of such globs)

    • for file backend this should be empty

    • for Koji backend this should be an NVR or package name

  • branch

    • branch name for Git and CVS backends, with master and HEAD as defaults

    • Koji tag for koji backend if only package name is given

    • otherwise should not be specified

  • file – a list of files that should be exported.

  • dir – a directory that should be exported. All its contents will be exported. This option is mutually exclusive with file.

  • command – defines a shell command to run after Git clone to generate the needed file (for example to run make). Only supported in Git backend.

  • options – a dictionary of additional configuration options. These are specific to different backends.

    Currently supported values for Git:

    • credential_helper – path to a credential helper used to supply username/password for remotes that require authentication.

Koji examples

There are two different ways how to configure the Koji backend.

    # Download all *.tar files from build my-image-1.0-1.
    "scm": "koji",
    "repo": "my-image-1.0-1",
    "file": "*.tar",

    # Find latest build of my-image in tag my-tag and take files from
    # there.
    "scm": "koji",
    "repo": "my-image",
    "branch": "my-tag",
    "file": "*.tar",

Using both tag name and exact NVR will result in error: the NVR would be interpreted as a package name, and would not match anything.

file vs. dir

Exactly one of these two options has to be specified. Documentation for each configuration option should specify whether it expects a file or a directory.

For extra_files phase either key is valid and should be chosen depending on what the actual use case.


The rpm backend can only be used in phases that would extract the files after pkgset phase finished. You can’t get comps file from a package.

Depending on Git repository URL configuration Pungi can only export the requested content using git archive. When a command should run this is not possible and a clone is always needed.

When using koji backend, it is required to provide configuration for Koji profile to be used (koji_profile). It is not possible to contact multiple different Koji instances.