Magic Words

Magic words are words and constructs you can use in your commit message to make pagure act on tickets or pull-requests.

Enabling magic words

These magic words are enabled if the pagure git hook is enable. To do so, go to your project’s settings page, open the Hooks tab and activate there the Pagure hook.

Using magic words

To reference an issue/PR you need to use one of recognized keywords followed by a reference to the issue or PR, separated by whitespace and and optional colon. Such references can be either:

  • The issue/PR number preceded by the # symbol

  • The full URL of the issue or PR

If using the full URL, it is possible to reference issues in other projects.

The recognized keywords are:

  • fix/fixed/fixes

  • relate/related/relates

  • merge/merges/merged

  • close/closes/closed

  • resolve/resolves/resolved


Capitalization does not matter; neither does the colon (:) between keyword and number.