Installing pagure’s web-hooks notification system

Web-hooks are a notification system upon which a system makes a http POST request with some data upon doing an action. This allows notifying a system that an action has occurred.

If you want more information feel free to check out the corresponding page on wikipedia:

Configure your system

  • Install the required dependencies


We ship a systemd unit file for pagure_webhook but we welcome patches for scripts for other init systems.

  • Install the files of the web-hook server as follow:
Source Destination
pagure-webhook/ /usr/libexec/pagure-webhook/
pagure-webhook/pagure_webhook.service /etc/systemd/system/pagure_webhook.service

The first file is the script of the web-hook server itself.

The second file is the systemd service file.

  • Activate the service and ensure it’s started upon boot:
systemctl enable redis
systemctl start redis
systemctl enable pagure_webhook
systemctl start pagure_webhook