Installing pagure-logcom

pagure-logcom is the service that updates the log table in the database for every commit made to the main branch of a repository allowing to build the calendar heatmap presented on every user’s page.

Configure your system

  • Install the required dependencies



We ship a systemd unit file for pagure_logcom but we welcome patches for scripts for other init systems.

  • Install the files of pagure-loadjon as follow:



pagure-logcom/ | /usr/libexec/pagure-logcom/

pagure-logcom/pagure_logcom.service | /etc/systemd/system/pagure_logcom.service

The first file is the pagure-logcom service itself, triggered by the git hook (shipped with pagure itself) and logging the commits into the database.

The second file is the systemd service file.

  • Activate the service and ensure it’s started upon boot:

systemctl enable redis
systemctl start redis
systemctl enable pagure_logcom
systemctl start pagure_logcom