Customize the PR page

Pagure offers the possibility to customize the page that creates pull-request
to add your specific information, such as: please follow the XYZ coding style,
run the tests or whatever you wish to inform contributors when they open a
new pull-request.

The customization is done via a file in the git repository containing the
meta-data for the pull-requests. This file must be placed under a ``templates``
folder, be named ```` and can be formatted as you wish using


For a project named ``test`` on ````.

* First, clone the pull-request git repo [#f1]_ and move into it


    git clone ssh://
    cd test

* Create the templates folder


    mkdir templates

* Create the customized PR info


    vim templates/

And place in this file the following content:


    Contributing to test

    When creating a pull-request against test, there are couple of items to do
    that will speed up the review process:

    * Ensure the unit-tests are all passing (cf the ```` script at the
      top level of the sources)
    * Check if your changes are [pep8](
      compliant for this you can install ``python-pep8`` and run the ``pep8`` CLI

* Commit and push the changes to the git repo


    git add templates
    git commit -m "Customize the PR page"
    git push

* And this is how it will look like

.. image:: _static/pagure_custom_pr.png
        :target: ../_images/pagure_custom_pr.png

.. [#f1] All the URLs to the different git repositories can be found on the
         main page of the project, on the right-side menu, under the section
         ``Source GIT URLs``, click on ``more`` to see them.