Fedora 26 Boltron Server

Boltron is an upcoming prototype of Fedora Modularity. A formal description is documented in Changes/Modular Server Preview on the Fedora wiki. This page tracks the progress of the release.

Modules in Boltron

The following is a list of modules that we have completed:

For more information about individual modules - both completed and in progress - see the Fedora Modularity: Modules GitHub space.

DNF prototype

If you want to try the DNF prototype or any of the modules above, please refer to the DNF Modularity Prototype repository or get the image directly from Docker hub:

$ docker pull modularitycontainers/boltron-preview

Then start the container using this image with an interactive shell:

$ docker run --rm -it modularitycontainers/boltron-preview /bin/bash

You can list the available modules:

$ dnf module list

And install some. All of the modules mentioned above should work. Please note that not all modules listed by the previous command will work at the moment.

$ dnf install nodejs