[archived] Glossary

Definitions of key terms and concepts for the Modular Fedora project.

default install profile
The install profile used when no other install profile is specified. It is always called “default”. When the default profile is empty, it indicates the module is intended solely to help manage dependencies for other modules, rather than being installed by end users directly.
install profile

A named set of packages within a module that can readily be installed with a single command. Akin to package groups at the distro level, but specific to the module that defines them.

For example, the PostgreSQL module’s “client” profile installs only the client libraries, instead of the full database server:

dnf install postgresql:9.6/client
system profile
The system profile nominates a set of modules that it expects to have available for installation, and the default stream to use within each of those modules when no specific stream is selected.