[archived] Building modules in FedoraÂś

Module builds in Fedora are currently managed by fedpkg. First step is to clone the dist-git repository of your module. For example to clone an existing nodejs module and checkout to the 8 stream, run:

$ fedpkg clone modules/nodejs
$ cd nodejs
$ git checkout 8

A new build is submitted by the following command:

$ fedpkg module-build

Fedpkgs provides other modularity-related subcommands:

$ fedpkg --help
module-build            Build a module using MBS
module-build-cancel     Cancel an MBS module build
module-build-info       Show information of an MBS module build
module-build-local      Build a module locally using the mbs-manager command
module-build-watch      Watch an MBS build
module-overview         Shows an overview of MBS builds