[archived] Building containers in Fedora

Your Dockerfile needs to be formally reviewed before becoming a part of Fedora. The review process is described in the Fedora wiki.

Builds in production

Production builds of container images are documented in this section of the review process document mentioned above. Please follow the process to perform an infrastructure build of your container image.

In order to get the correct content (modules, RPMs) in your container image, you should make sure that those artifacts are released and available:

  • For modules, this means to have a valid compose with your module. The module needs to be incorporated inside this pungi configuration file, if you want the module to be part of a compose.
  • For RPMs, the package should pass the Bodhi update process and be available in repositories.

Inspecting registry

At the time of writing (Aug 2017), the Fedora docker image registry doesn’t have any frontend. You can access its API to get a list of available images:

$ curl -s https://registry.fedoraproject.org/v2/_catalog | \
    python -m json.tool
    "repositories": [