Configuration fileΒΆ

kiskadee uses a configuration file to define several parameters used in execution time. Database configuration, and some fetchers metadata are defined in this configuration file. When a new fetcher is added to kiskadee, a new entry in the configuration file is needed. When the new fetcher inherits from kiskadee.fetchers.Fetcher, its configurations are available in its config attribute.

kiskadee looks for the configuration file under /etc/kiskadee.conf.

This example shows a simple entry to the example fetcher.

target = example
description = SAMATE Juliet test suite
analyzers = cppcheck flawfinder
active = yes

The field active tells kiskadee if this fetcher must be loaded when kiskadee starts. Variables to database conection are also defined in the configuration file. The field analyzers defines which analyzers will be used to run the analysis on the packages monitored by this fetcher. Check the list of analyzers supported by kiskadee for more information.