Fedora Hubs Overview

Fedora Hubs is a web application that will provide a communication and collaboration center for Fedora contributors of all types. It aims to integrate with all the various tools teams use and provide a consistent experience for contributors across projects and teams.

Without Fedora Hubs the Fedora web presence is very static. All of the action is on mailing lists and IRC which can be intimidating to new contributors. The vision is to have a modern, web-based Fedora activity center which feels like the positive, connected energy of Flock or FUDCon, available to all of us at any time.


Fedora Hubs integrates with, or plans to integrate with, the following tools and projects:

If you would like to know more, these blog posts / videos are packed with lots of information about our vision for the project, or check out the issue tracker to see what features are planned.