.. _release_notes_2022_03_21:

Highlights from 2022-03-21 release

Updated client packages are shipped in `Fedora 34`_, `Fedora 35`_,
`Fedora 36`_, `EPEL 7`_, `EPEL 8`_, and `EPEL 9`_ Bodhi updates.

Large queue improvements

Lately, there have been multiple concurrent `mass rebuilds`_ pushing
Copr to its limits. When reaching 70k builds in the queue,
`several problems`_ start to appear. We will focus on each of them
in the following release, with a goal to handle at least twice as
large of a queue.

In this release, we optimized some queries for listing pending builds
and implemented `more detailed statistics`_ about the task queue
allowing anyone to see the owners, projects, or chroots with the most
builds in the queue.  See `PR#2108`_ for more information.

We also improved the performance of batch-related routes by caching
and indexing the data (`PR#2091`_).

We also made the priority queue to be much fairer in `PR#2080`_.

More copr-cli options for editing chroots

There is now ``additional_modules`` field when listing chroots in

    copr-cli get-chroot owner/project/chroot

Also, thanks to the contribution (`PR#2072`_) from `@pbrezina`_, there
are additional options for ``copr-cli edit-chroot`` - namely
``--modules``, ``--rpmbuild-with``, and ``--rpmbuild-without``.

Lastly, there is a new option for resetting chroot fields to their
respective defaults, e.g.::

    copr-cli edit-chroot owner/project/chroot --reset additional_packages

Signing packages with SHA256

Due to dropped support for SHA1 keys in RHEL9, we are moving towards
signing packages in Copr with SHA256 keys (`PR#2111`_).

Since this release, all new Enterprise Linux 8+ packages are going to be signed with
SHA256 keys, and all existing Enterprise Linux 9 packages are going to be
re-signed with SHA256.  The mass re-sign of EL9 packages is going to be done
on Monday and Tuesday 2022-03-21 -- 2022-03-22.

Gradually, we will make this change for older distributions and
start signing all chroots with SHA256, except for
Enterprise Linux 7 and older where SHA256 isn't work.  This change
should happen in the following weeks (we we have this fully tested on EL8).

Remote refs in committish

`@churchyard`_ `implemented`_ support for building from remote refs when
`submitting builds from DistGit`_. This is especially useful for
example when submitting builds from DistGit pull requests::

    copr-cli build-distgit owner/copr --name foo --commit refs/pull/50/head
    # or
    copr-cli add-package-distgit owner/copr --name foo --commit refs/pull/50/head


- `#2076`_ - Show a user-friendly message when there is a database
- `#2113`_ - Fix infinitely running and failing forking action
- `#1263`_ - This issue is not resolved yet but we added a new
  `hitcounter`_ script for counting downloaded packages from Amazon
  CDN and made some architecture changes.

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.. _`EPEL 7`: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2022-d59b5b318c
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.. _`EPEL 9`: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2022-6fb4f3e501

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