.. _release_notes_2021_04_28:

Highlights from 2021-04-28 release

Updated client packages are shipped in `Fedora 34`_, `Fedora 33`_, `Fedora 32`_,
`EPEL 8`_ and `EPEL 7`_ Bodhi updates.

Fedora Review projects
During :ref:`the last release <release_notes_2021_03_17>`, a new option for
automatically running the ``fedora-review`` tool after builds `was introduced`_.
We have now added a button to specifically create a Fedora Review project. Such
project will be deleted after 60 days and has settings that are common for
Fedora package review.

Specify copr-cli output format
A new ``--output-format {json, text, text-row}`` option has been added to
``copr-cli`` to change the output format of the ``list-builds``, ``get-chroot``,
``list-packages``, and ``get-package`` commands. The output format hasn't been
changed so that users of these commands do not have to change anything at the
moment. However, the list-builds output format will be changed to json in the
following releases.

Beware of

- Drop the deprecated APIv1 code from ``python-copr`` package. During the Copr
  history, we got three APIs. For a long time, we maintained all versions. We
  decided that it is time to remove the old versions. We added a deprecation
  warning for APIv2 and we drop the deprecated APIv1 code from the client. See
  the `deprecation schedule`_ for more information.

- Copr keeps one build results per each package stored indefinitely. All older
  builds `are deleted after 14 days`_. This system is now applied also to Source
  RPMs in the srpm-builds directory.

- Previously, when a user disabled a chroot in project settings, the chroot
  repository was still available (even though it wasn't listed in the project
  overview anymore) and the builds data was kept on the backend. We now remove
  the data from disabled chroots after 7 days (unless you decide to turn the
  chroot back on within this period)

- The ``[modified]`` string is blue on the Overview page, and it wasn't a
  clickable link.  Now it really works, and it provides (by default hidden)
  useful and formatted content about active releases in the given project.


- `#1734`_, `#534`_ - Now we have better-designed directories for the build
  results and log. They are now in /var/lib/copr-rpmbuild by default. We had a
  large uploaded source RPM on two places before which caused the "No space left
  on device" error.

- `#172`_ - With the partial unique index we can better control that users cannot
  create two projects with the same name.

- `RHBZ 1948350`_ - The `old FAS site`_ FAS2 is deprecated, and currently in
  read-only mode, so we updated our links and point them to the
  `FAS successor`_. Please `configure your Fedora account`_ to use two-factor

- `#397`_ - The CGIT support for Copr DistGit is now optimized to scale with the
  huge number of projects/repositories we have and is now re-enabled. It means
  that git-hash links that are available in the build table should be working

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.. _`Fedora 33`: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2021-2107cb0a42
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