.. _release_notes_2020_11_13:

Highlights from 2020-11-13 release

Updated client packages are shipped in `Fedora 33`_, `Fedora 32`_, `Fedora 31`_,
`EPEL 8`_, `EPEL 7`_, and `EPEL 6`_ Bodhi updates.

Warning:  We moved both the builders and the infrastructure to Fedora 33 which
nowadays has much stricter `crypto-policies`_.  This could break some builds
(if the builds depend on some non-complying hostname in the wild) so we
**temporarily** reverted the policy settings to ``FEDORA32``.  Please communicate
with your hosting providers this situation so they start using up2date crypto,
and your build processes aren't interrupted in the future.

Copr-cli Bash completion

To enable bash completion, you have to install the `python3-argcomplete`
package, and execute something equivalent to::

    $ register-python-argcomplete copr >> ~/.bashrc
    $ register-python-argcomplete copr-cli >> ~/.bashrc

Per-build timeout implemented

The default build timeout is newly decreased **from 30 hours to just 5**, but
users can still opt-in for a longer or shorter timeout, up to 30 hours.  For

    copr build <project> <srpm> --timeout 360

This would terminate the build after 6 minutes if it were still running.

EOL chroot repositories

The overall processes around the end-of-life chroots (e.g. fedora-19-\*
currently, and soon to be fedora-30-\*) was revamped and enhanced.  There's a
new page that shows `all your EOL repositories`_.  Please review that page
periodically to ensure that we don't garbage-collect content you still want
to keep (and preferably expire the content sooner to save the storage).  On top
of that, we show a new warning message in the web-UI about upcoming chroot
removals, and we still periodically send the warning e-mails about EOL chroots.

The EOL garbage collector was disabled in the last few weeks, and now it is
enabled again -- so we prolonged all the existing EOL chroots for the next
45 days.  Please make sure you review them in that time period.

More fine-grained Mock bootstrap configuration (bootstrap on by default)

Newly you can enable or disable `bootstrap chroot`_, or initialize it by a
`podman image`_.  This can be set per project and per chroot -- and can be
overridden per build.

Since the configuration is now more granular, we finally turned the bootstrap
feature ON by default for **newly created projects**.

The bootstrap feature is not marked as "experimental" anymore, as it has been
stabilized in Mock for quite some time (and ON by default).

Build batches

We implemented a build batches feature so you can in advance define the order of
your builds.  This feature is also available in the web-UI, but it is more
convenient from the command-line::

    $ copr build <project> --no-wait <first.src.rpm>
    Created builds: 101010
    $ copr build <project> --no-wait <second.src.rpm> --after-build-id 101010
    Created builds: 101020
    $ copr build <project> --no-wait <third.src.rpm> --with-build-id 101020
    Created builds: 101030

This will create two batches (first with one build 101010 and second
with two builds 101020 and 101030), where second batch isn't started till Copr
finishes the first one.  This way, you can build a tree of dependant build
batches according to your project needs.

Simplified builds from DistGit

There's a new option to build from existing DistGit instances in Copr (e.g.,
from Fedora or CentOS DistGit). To build the `foo` package from
CentOS 8, one can do::

    $ copr build-distgit <project> --name foo --distgit centos --commit c8

It's even easier for a Fedora Rawhide package::

    $ copr build-distgit <project> --name foo

because 'fedora' distgit is the default, and we automatically pick the default

Source builds are shown in running, starting, pending, etc. tabs

Previously we used to show the numbers only for binary RPM builds.  Even though the
source builds were running and consuming resources -- they weren't shown in the
"running" tab previously.  This has been changed now; you can observe your builds in
the web-UI much sooner.

Modularity logic is being slowly moved to modulemd-tools

Reproducing the modularity build tasks locally (which are normally done on
copr-backend) is becoming more easy.  We are moving the logic to the
`modulemd-tools`_ project.

Copr DistGit proxy fixes

The dist-git was fixed so it correctly imports large source RPMs like
``texlive`` on background, in parallel with other import tasks.  So users should
observe more fluent import queue processing.

New copr-distgit-client subpackage

The new package copr-distgit-client (a subpackage of `copr-rpmbuild`_) provides
a small convenience script which is able to download sources from DistGit
lookaside cache, for pre-configured dist-git instances (currently Fedora, CentOS
and Copr).  It is enough to just call `copr-distgit-client` script inside a
cloned package directory.

This small helper is meant to be a generic alternative for scripts like
`fedpkg-minimal`, `centpkg-minimal`, `rhpkg-simple`, etc. in Copr, but it may be
useful elsewhere, too.

Project Forking

Forking (or in this case rather "merging") a project into another -- already
existing -- project has been fixed (`rhbz 1851827`_).

.. _`all your EOL repositories`: https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/user/repositories/
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