Migrating zone data to LDAPΒΆ

First step is to get all the zone data from an existing server to zone files.

Simply allow zone transfer from the old server and use dig:

$ dig -t AXFR @ip.address.of.the.old.server name.of.your.zone.example. > /tmp/zone.db

Now you need to convert zone file to LDIF format which can be later imported to LDAP database. Easiest way is to use zone2dyndb-ldif script (please see README):

$ zone2dyndb-ldif /tmp/zone.db name.of.your.zone.example. "cn=dns, dc=example, dc=com" > zone.ldif

Now you can import LDIF file to your LDAP database:

$ ldapadd -Y GSSAPI < zone.ldif

Now your zone data are in LDAP. Do not forget to manually convert query/transfer/update ACLs (and possibly other settings)!