Forwarding in BIND 9ΒΆ

Following information might get handy if forwarding does not work:

  • DNS forwarding chapter in official IdM guide

  • Forwarding chapter in BIND ARM

  • If you suspect that there is a problem inside bind-dyndb-ldap, bump debug log to say 5 (rndc debug 5) and read logs to see if zone forwarding was configured properly.

  • To inspect forwarding table in GDB, find pointer to the forwarding table in viewlist:

    (gdb) p *ns_g_server->viewlist.head.fwdtable->table
    • Then you can inspect list of forwarders using the pointer from previous step:

      (gdb) p *((dns_forwarders_t *)0xCHANGEME).addrs.head